To help artists, makers, and companies solve their technical challenges related to sound and expand their appreciation for the creative potential of the medium.

My past work has encompassed musical releases and performances, software based artworks, and audio software development for corporate and creative use cases. Drawing listeners into immersive and dreamlike worlds, my work strives to express the meditative, psychedelic, and subconscious capabilities of sound.

If you're looking for guidance, technical support, or creative inspiration, please reach out.

David Grunzweig


Night Sea Studio
Cofounder & Artist

A music and generative art studio, started in 2016 in collaboration with Johan Ismael
All works are documented on the Works page.

Keywords: Web Audio, OpenGL / GLSL, Web Development, Generative Art

Senior Hardware Engineer

Lead DSP Engineer  for the Pixel Buds Pro Spatial Audio solution. Required the design of a highly efficient spatial audio renderer for 5.1 and 7.1 audio playback incorporating head-tracking data. Design of the renderer required evaluation of quality both through perceptual evaluation and qualitative metrics. My role was to design the full end to end pipeline and write all necessary DSP code to fulfill the product requirements including pre and post processing of the spatialized signal.

Android Authority
The Verge

Keywords: Spatial Audio (Binaural and Transaural), Reverb and Acoustic Simulation, Perceptual Evaluation, Embedded Devices, Audio Post Processing, Filter Design

DSP Engineer

Joined in the early years of the company (started as an intern in 2014, company was founded in 2012).

Work included writing algorithms for MTB (Motion Tracked Binaural), HRTF rendering, HRTF modeling, room acoustics simulation, speaker beamforming, microphone beamforming and noise reduction, and playback processing.

Acquired by Google in 2021.

Rappr: Desktop based virtual audio source which upmixed stereo content to 5.1 and then binaurally renders. Headtracking available with Rondo Motion sensor.
Rondo360: A Desktop App for creating binaural mixing. Integrates directly with any DAW through a series of AAX, VST, and AU Plugins. Supports head tracking with Rondo Motion Sensor.
Cleer Crescent: A home theater speaker bar utilizing a linear speaker array for highly directional beamforming. I was lead DSP engineer for the embedded system in the device enabling beamforming and playback tuning. Beamforming enabled use of transaural technologies, allowing for simulation of rear speaker channels and ultra-wide sound field.

Dysonics was primarily a technology licensing company. We worked on many large scale and shipped audio products beyond the public list above.

Keywords: Binaural, Speaker Beamforming, Microphone Processing, Embedded Devices, Motion Tracked Binaural, Binaural Recording


MA - Stanford University - 2016
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)

BS - Stanford University - 2014
Electrical Engineering with an Honors in Interdisciplinary Art